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Grinding wheel testing

This test is simple and convenient when using on-site as a way to observe the level of safety. However, this test is not effective for thin items like the cutting off grinding wheel, thick items like the centerless wheel, or small wheels under 100mm diameter. Below are specific technical methods for hammering:

  • For tools, use either a wooden hammer or the handle of screw driver.
  • Hammer the point which is 45 degrees away from the fulfcrum as shown in the Fig.4 and 5.
  • When checking for fine cracks, inspect the entire surface.
  • Usually vitrified grinding wheels give off a clear metallic sound, resinoid and magnesia wheels give iff a dull sound.
  • Wheels with no cracks will give off the same sound even if changing the mammering point.
  • Wheels with cracks will have the sound suddenly change when changing the hammering point.
  • As well, use caution since moisture and bush looseness produce strange sounds when the test is given.
  • The test should be given with a minimum amount of force.