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Basic conditions for selection

There are alot of factors to be clearified before making wheel selection. The condition is divided into two categories, General conditions and Fixed conditions. The following conditions have to be make clear when selecting a grinding wheel (precision grinding wheel):

General conditions

  • Name of workpiece (contour, diamension, part to be ground, grinding allowance)
  • Workpiece material (heat treatment method, hardness or strength)
  • Processing precision (diamensional presision, working precision, finished surface roughness)
  • Production efficiency (production per unit hour or per grinding wheel)
  • Grinding method (cylinder, surface etc.)
  • Grinding machine (type, style, name, precision)
  • Shape and size of wheel
  • Speed of wheel's rotation or peripheral speed
  • Grinding fluid (type of fluid, name diluting magnifications, and pouring method)

Fixed conditions

  • Company's policy
  • Field environment
  • Standard and experience of technicians
  • Operator's skill degree