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Safety level of grinding wheel

The concept of velocity

Through refering to this comparative table, grinding wheel peripheral speed can ordinarily be ascertained.

Many severe accidents involving the grinding wheel have been caused by forgetting that the operation is performed under such high speeds as indicated in the above table.

Grinding wheel Mximum usable peripheral speed m/min. Speed per hour conversion Km/h. Peripheral speed traffic counterparts
Tool grinding-use cup chape, vitrified grinding wheel 1400 84 Electric train Automobile (on general road)
Free grinding-use straight shape, vitrified grinding wheel 2000 120 Special express train Automobile (on highway)
Free grinding-use straight shape, resinoid grinding wheel 3000 180 Super express train (Shinkansen)
Free grinding-use depressed center chape, resinoid reinforced wheel 4300 258 Racing cars
Cutting off grinding-use, resinoid reinforced wheel 4800 288 Helicopters
Engine-cutting use, resinoid reinforced wheel 6000 360 Cessna