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Points of caution when using the grinding wheel

  1. Don't use the grinding wheel faster than the maximum usable peripheral speed as indicated on the wheel and inspecification card. Use special caution to prevent accidents from occurring when rotation with peripheral speed faster than designated.
  2. Use of the side surface of the straight shape grinding whell is dangerous. Don't use on anything other than the designated surface.
  3. Don't apply extremely large or sudden depth of cut, feed or operation pressure.
  4. Leave 1-3 mm space between the wheel and the rest. (Electric grinding for use on the table or floor)
  5. Always use protective glasses.
  6. Do not perform operations outside of designated range. Stop the operation if the grinding starts to vibrate.
  7. When replacing the wheel, conduct a test run for at least 3 minutes. When beginning operations let the wheel run idle for at least one minute.
  8. For air grinders, check the number of rotations at least once month.