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Bond subdivision symbols

The grinding wheel bond can not be adequately classified under the basic type-distinctions such as "V" or "B". The vitrified bond or resinoid bond, used for a wide variety of purposes, is subdivided according to each purpose, as indicated in the table below.

These "subdivision symbols" (or "supplementary symbols") are recorded in the
grinding wheel specifications. As well, subdivision symbols are divided and given unique symbols according to grinding wheel manufacturer. The supplementary symbols in the table are the same as symbols used by Mitsui*.

Supplementary symbols of vitrified and resinoid bonds and their major applications.

Vitrified bonds
Supp. Symbols Color Major application
1L Red Precision use
2Q Red WA mounted
4T Blue "A" type general use
4U White Fine grain
5L Yellow Precision use
5O White Precision C use
5S White Precision GC use
6V White Ring
8J White High precision use
8M Blue High precision use
9L Yellow High precision use
91L Red High precision use
G75 White Precision GC use
T04 Red High precision thin work
T05 Red High precision thin work
UH5 White Super soft
HS3 White Super porous super soft
Resinoid bonds
Supp. symbols Major application
47D Cylinder, Centerless, Disk
5AM Centerless
37A Roll
47R Disk
43B Free
97B Cylinder, Centerless
47A Disk
5AB Centerless
43G Free
97A Roll
47S Disk
C7A Disk
47N Disk
B7B Surface(powder)
C2A Surface(ring)
5FA Surface(ring)
37D Disk
UM Disk
EL Disk
UST Powder
KM Regulating wheel
MD Heavy grinding

Note : Mitsui* is Mitsui Grinding wheel co, ltd.