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CIMCOOL's QUANTALUBE® WATER-SOLUBLE FLUIDS, created through superior technology and innovation, are formulated to transform grinding and machining lubricity. This line of products contains a patented "super-lubricant" that bridges the gap in physical lubricity between straight oils and water-based products. This technologically advanced product is proven to outperform conventional soluble oils and can replace straight oils.

QUANTALUBE® products offer many metalworking process advantages including reduced cycle time, longer wheel life, decreased machine housepower and improved part finish. This product is proven to provide higher part quality, lower wheel and tool usage and reduce cost by increasing productivity.
Product MSDS Fluid Type Severity of Operation GRINDING MACHINING
Ferrous Non-Ferrous Ferrous Non-Ferrous
QUANTALUBE 270 XL HyperLink Water-Soluble
LUBRICANT QXL HyperLink Water-Soluble
QUANTALUBE 270 XLB HyperLink Water-Soluble
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