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The OAK PROTECT line of corrosion preventatives are formulated to offer in-process and long-term storage corrosion pretection solutions. These multipurpose products are available in solvent, oil, water soluble and synthetic formulations for virtually every need and application. Specific products are designed for indoor or outdoor use and for varying durations of protection.
Product Fluid type Application CORROSION INHIBITORS
Steel, Cast Iron Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper, Brass, Alloy
OAK PROTECT 402 Synthetic 90days (Indoor) Not Tested
OAK PROTECT 403 Soluble Oil 180days (Indoor) Not Tested Not Tested
OAK PROTECT 406 Solvent Based 360days (Outdoor)
OAK PROTECT 408 Straight Oil 360days (Outdoor)
OAK PROTECT 410 Solvent Based 360days (Indoor)
OAK PROTECT 411 Straight Oil 360days (Indoor)
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