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The OAK KLEEN aqueous cleaners are formulated for a wide variety of industrial uses, including in-line spray washers, immersion systems, vibratory, deburring and general maintenance cleaners. These alkaline or acid cleaners are designed for removal of lubricants, shop dirt, and descaling or derusting.
Product Fluid type Application CLEANERS
Steel, Cast Iron Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper, Brass, Alloy
OAK KLEEN 302-LO Low Odor Acid Descale/Derust
OAK KLEEN 303-CP Alkaline Corrosion Protection Not Tested
OAK KLEEN 310 HD Alkaline Mild pH
OAK KLEEN 312 High Alkaline Descale/Derust
OAK KLEEN 322 Solvent Based De-oil/No Residue
OAK KLEEN 340 Alkaline Corrosion Protection
OAK GREEN Floor Cleaner Multi-Purpose
OAK GREEN LPH Floor Cleaner Multi-Purpose
OAK GREEN LPH2 Floor Cleaner Multi-Purpose
OAK SUMP KLEEN Sump Cleaner Prior to Coolant
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