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CIMCOOL® offers a complete selection of proven stamping and drawing fluids within the MILFORM and MILDRAW® product lines. CIMCOOL's outstanding research and engineering have created these premium stamping and drawing fluids, offering proven lubricity, superior colling and excellent corrosion control while making part cleaning easy and efficient.

MILFORM® and MILDRAW® water-soluble products are available for a wide variety of metalforming applications, ranging from light-duty stamping to heavy-duty drawing. Clean-operating synthetics are offered for light-duty to heavy-duty operations. For an alternative to straight oils in heavy-duty work, the MILDRAW® family offers economical semi-synthetics.

The MILDRAW® and MILFORM® family of products is appropriate for both furrous and non-ferrous metals with exceptional results in synthetic, soluble oil and straight oil applications. The capability to adjust the fluid concentrations, provides even greater flexiblity.
Milform MSDS Fluid Severity of Operation STAMPING, DRAWING AND FORMING
Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper, Brass, Alloy
MILFORM 65 HyperLink Semi-Synthetic  
MILFORM 635 HyperLink Soluble Oil
MILFORM 1200 HyperLink Synthetic
MILFORM 1920 M HyperLink Synthetic  
MILFORM 6265 HyperLink Synthetic  
MILFORM 8050 HyperLink Synthetic
MILFORM 950 HyperLink Synthetic
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