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Superhard Diamond & CBN Resin Wheels
  Diamond and Cubic boron nitride (CBN) are defined as superabrasive materials because of their extremely high hardness, abrasion resistance and other unique properties surpass the traditional abrasives and cutting tool materials such as aluminium oxide(AL2 O3 ), silicon carbide(SiC), tungsten carbide (WC), and high speed steel (HSS). Thus, diamond and CBN find their extensive use in a wide variety of abrasives and cutting applications ranging from rough cutting stone to ultra-precision grinding electronic ceramic.
This picture shows the hardness of abrasive materials used in grinding operation along with a few work materials in Knoop unit. Aluminium oxide and silicon carbide are about one – half the hardness of CBN and about one-third the hardness of diamond.
The hardness values of abrasive materials are typical and do not represent the full range of hardness obtainable for each material. For example, natural diamond hardness values can reach as high as 11,000 Knoop hardness (HK).
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