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CIMGUARD® offers both water- and oil-based products technologically created to protect metal surfaces from oxidation during storage and transportation. The water-based products provide a light ilm, and typically offer corrosion control lasting from several days to several weeks. Oil-based products provide a heavier film and offer longer corrosion protection lasting from months to years.
Products MSDS Fluid type Corrosion Control
Corrosion Protection (Days) Steel, Cast Iron Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper, Brass, Alloy
CIMGUARD 10 HyperLink Solvent Based 180
CIMGUARD 20 HyperLink Solvent Based 360
CIMGUARD 21 P Water Based 60 Some
CIMGUARD 22 HyperLink Solvent Based 60
CIMGUARD 61 Solvent Based 180
CIMGUARD R 510 HyperLink Water Based 30
CIMGUARD R 560 HyperLink Water Based 30
CIMGUARD R 562 HyperLink Water Based 30
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