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An Innovative History in Metalworking Fluid Technology

For more than a century, Milacron has led the metalworking industry by providing innovative solutions, products and processes that maximize productivity, increases quality and focus on safety.

Throughout its rich history, Milacron has remained focused on advancing technology and pushing the limits of research to better the industry on many levels. In the 1940's this philosophy resulted in the inception of Milacron's metalworking fluid devision, COMCOOL®.

CIMCOOL® stepped into metalworking fluid industry by introducing the first synthetic metalworking fluid. CIMCOOL® quickly earned a reputation of quality, providing excellent performance while maintaining strict engineering and manufacturing standards. This reputation continues today with products for machining, grinding, stamping, drawing and forming, as well as cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors, specialty lubricants, and fluid management equipment.


The original CIMCOOL® was made in Cincinnati, Ohio USA and remains our North American manufacturing operation. In the 1950’s CIMCOOL® Europe commenced manufacturing in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands and continues to supply Western and Eastern Europe as well as India and the Middle East. In 1991, Cincinnati Milacron Industrial Products located in Ulsan, South Korea was created to manufacture CIMCOOL® products for the Asia and Pacific region. This was supplemented with the opening of Milacron Chemical (Shanghai) Company in 2009 to manufacture products for the expanding China market.


Despite the advantages of the original CIMCOOL® formulations, research in CIMCOOL®  laboratories around the world continues to develop better products. We have extended our product line to include the internationally recognised brands of Oak International forming fluids and Producto Chemical production cleaners. Since 1945, CIMCOOL® has been leading the field in meeting the increasing demands of the metalworking industry. With an international “knowledge sharing” philosophy, we use our experience from all over the world to provide customers with increased productivity and reduced costs.

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