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This table is intended to cover only a few typical applications of the most frequently used brazing filler metals. For special brazing applications, contact our Technical Services Department. 

Filler Metal Name Typical Application
Braze 051 Brazing nichrome resistance elements, or simultaneous brazing and heat treating of steels.
Braze 071 Used when heat treatment follows brazing, as a lower melting alloy than copper, or in vacuum systems.
Braze 090 For copper base alloys such as in band instruments; or joint brazing/cyanide case hardening of steels.
Braze 202 For simultaneous brazing and heat treating of steels.
Braze 250 Low silver filler metal for joining ferrous and nonferrous alloys.
Braze 252 Economical filler metal for tungsten carbide, stainless steel and steel.
Braze 255 Economical filler metal for ferrous and nonferrous joints not requiring high ductility or impact strength.
Braze 300 For steel and nonferrous alloys melting above 1450F (790C), nickel-silver knife handles, electrical equipment.
Braze 351 Intermediate temperature filler metal for use with ferrous and nonferrous materials.
Braze 380 Free-flowing, cadmium-free filler metal used with ferrous and nonferrous base metals.
Braze 401 For copper base alloys, mild steel, nikel and Monel, and where a narrow melt range is desired.
Braze 402 A free-flowing medium temperature filler metal for ferrous and non ferrous alloys.
Braze 403 For tungsten carbides, and stainless steel food handling equipment allowing no cadmium.
Braze 404 For tungsten carbides and stainless steel.
Braze 450 For ships' piping, band instruments, aircraft engine oil coolers, brass lamps.
Braze 452 Low temperature, free-flowing, Cd-free alloy.
Braze 495 For low-temperature brazing of tungsten carbides and stainless steels.
Braze 501 For steam turbine blading and heavily galvanized and tinned steel, aluminum brass tubing.
Braze 502;503(VTG) For applications similar to Brazes 720 and 721 except where better gap filling is needed.
Braze 505 For 300 stainless steel food handling equipment with close joint clearances.
Braze 541 Atmosphere furnace brazing for high temperature applications (up to 700F/370C), such as on jet engines.
Braze 559 Same as Braze 541, but used where zinc fumes in the furnace are not permissible.
Braze 560 For food handling equipemnt requiring a low melting, cadmium-free alloy.
Braze 580 A free flowing filler metal used in brazing tungsten carbide which is subsequently titanium nitrided.
Braze 600 For Monel and other nickel alloys, and in place of Braze 650 on silverware.
Braze 603;604(VTG) For vacuum tube seals, brazing of ferrous and nonferrous alloys without flux, for brazing marine heat exchangers exposed to salt water at elevated temperatures (where zinc is objecttionable).
Braze 630 On 400 series stainless steels for corrosion resistance to salt spray, chlorine solutions, etc.
Braze 650 For silverware, iron and nickel alloys.
Braze 655 For brazing Invar, Kovar and similar alloys to copper in vacuum tubes; as jet engine rubbing seals.
Braze 700 For silverware, when subsequent joints are made with Braze 650.
Braze 715;716(VTG) Filler metal and high conductivity, similar to Braze 720, but suitable for both ferrous and nonferrous alloys.
Braze 720:721(VTG) For nonferrous electronic components requiring highest electrical and thermal conductivity. The VTG grade has low volatile impurities, good for use in moderate temperature vacuum sustems.
Braze 750 On silverware for step brazing or enameling; for iron or nickel base alloys.
Braze 852 Brazing stainless, Stellite, Inconel, complex carbides-for high-temperature service.
Braze 999 A VTG alloy for brazing ceramics to be used as semiconductors.
Lithobraze 720 For ferrous and nonferrous base alloys; especially thin sections of stainless steels.
Lithobraze 925 To join skins to honeycomb cores, particularly precipitation-hardening stainless steels.
Premabraze 616 (VTG) For ferrous and nonferrous alloys used in moderate temperature vacuum tubes and systems.
Oremabraze 130 For stainless steel, Inconel X, A286, Kovar, etc., for oxidation and scaling resistance up to 1500F (815C).

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