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This table is intended to cover only a few typical applications of the most frequently used brazing filler metals. For special brazing applications, contact our Technical Services Department. 

Filler Metal Name Typical Application
Easy-Flo 45 Joining ferrous, nonferrous and dissimilar metals and alloy with close joint clearances.
Easy-Flo Same as Easy-Flo45
Easy-Flo 35 Similar to Easy-Flo 45, but used where joint clearances are large and fillets are desired.
Easy-Flo 30 Similar to Easy-Flo 35, but used for more economical joints.
Easy-Flo 25 Same as Easy-Flo 30, but used for most economical joints.
Easy-Flo 25HC Same as Easy-Flo 35, but used for more economical joints.
Easy-Flo 3 For 300 series stainless steels; for joining tungsten carbide, beryllium copper and aluminum bronze to steel.
Braze 053 A high temperature solder for medium strength joints above that of soft solders. Use TEC flux.
Braze 440 Low melting filler metal for brazing electrical contacts and molybdenum or copper-tungsten electrodes.

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